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Capricorn Love Horoscope for July 2014

Peace and harmony

You'll wear your heart on your sleeve near July 12, and although this might be uncomfortable for you, at the same time it might be necessary in matters of the heart. You and your partner may have something important to discuss about your future together. Perhaps you're feeling as if you're the one carrying the burden of work around this relationship, while your mate is simply there to enjoy the ride.

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If this is how you feel, now will be the time to open up and clear the air with your partner. Part of you loves being relied on so much -- feeling needed -- but sometimes you crave a soft place to fall, as well, and it's OK to let your love know this.

Thankfully, Venus will enter your partnership sector on July 18, remaining there until August 12. This will be a tremendous assist to you and your sweetie, as it typically coincides with a lovely phase of harmony in relationship. Peace is likely to prevail, and you'll feel more secure about your relationship than you have recently. Feelings of love can overflow now, and if you're dating someone, this might be a turning point in the relationship where you decide to make a stronger commitment. Expect to exchange romantic sentiments you'll not soon forget with your lover on July 19.

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