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Gemini Horoscope: July 2014

Money matters

Any concern you have about your debt or credit rating near July 12 will need to be addressed realistically. Instead of allowing any feelings of anxiety to take over, realize that it's time to develop a plan. If you focus on doable, strategic steps to handle your finances, you will be on your way to ensuring long-term security and responsible budgeting. Alternatively, if you're a more fiscally careful Gemini, the Full Moon on this day might signal an ending to a bill you've been paying for quite some time, such as a loan, credit card or mortgage. If that's the case, you'll feel quite proud of yourself.

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After July 16, you might feel more confident in your ability to use your incredible writing, communication or sales ability to help you earn extra cash. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and prosperity, will enter your message sector, and it will remain in this part of your chart until August 2015! Your cosmic luck will be decidedly centered on the use of your mind. Think big, and explore those grand ideas you have bubbling inside of you -- there has not been a better time to watch them succeed in years!

Local travel opportunities will flourish for you as well. You might receive several invitations to give workshops or classes. Relationships with siblings and neighbors will also bring you greater joy. You might also decide to become more active in your local neighborhood and do something charitable for your community. A fabulous New Moon in Leo on July 26th will help jump-start all of this goodness.

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