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Gemini Love Horoscope for July 2014

These are such good times

The dynamic between you and your partner will improve greatly this month, thanks to a key change with the ruler of your relationship sector changing signs. On July 16, Jupiter will enter Leo and your 3rd House of Communication. Jupiter spends about a year in each part of your chart, and during this time the ability for you and your mate to really open up to each other and talk things out will be incredibly supportive.

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You might also share big ideas with your partner and find that he or she is extra supportive of them. Another possibility is that the two of you will decide to take on a course of study together, learning about a subject that has piqued your interest for a long time. You can expect to have the travel bug with your mate, as well, and there might be a short trip in the works that is pushed into action after the New Moon on July 26.

Your faith in your relationship will be extraordinarily high, and the two of you will share the kind of optimistic love that might make others green with envy at times. In addition, sexy Mars will continue to travel through your 5th House of Love and Pleasure until July 25. Whether you're single or attached, this is your month for fun and adventure. Share good times with someone who makes your heart smile.

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