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Leo Career Horoscope for July 2014

Making professional magic

Although July might start out slow when it comes to your work, you could be enriched with opportunities and enthusiasm before it's over. The month begins with the Sun in self-protective Cancer and your secretive 12th House of Privacy. This is not ideal for getting attention, but it can be useful for shoring up alliances by working behind the scenes quietly.

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Taking some time to think about the future, as well as getting a bit of rest, are positive ways to operate until the Sun fires into Leo on July 22. But even before that happens there's a major transit starting on July 16 that can raise your profile, profitability and professionalism during the coming 12 months. Optimistic and visionary Jupiter enters Leo then, providing a yearlong boost in your 1st House of Personality. This inspires courage, confidence and creativity, giving you a push to take chances in pursuit of more meaningful professional goals.

In fact, the Sun and Jupiter join in your sign on July 24 to expand your vision of the future. It might take a couple of days to really feel the heat of excitement and imagination that can propel you to new professional heights. This is when the New Moon in Leo kicks up another wave of enthusiasm -- one that you can take on a very long and rewarding ride. Potent Mars in Scorpio squares this Sun-Moon-Jupiter conjunction, which may require you to eliminate distractions to concentrate all your attention on a significant new project. Don't get sidetracked with a power struggle when you only have to motivate yourself to begin making some professional magic.

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