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Libra Horoscope: July 2014

Friends with benefits ... literally!

Family will be your focus near July 12, thanks to a Full Moon in your domestic 4th House of Home and Family. You may hear news about a relative that unsettles you, or you might be asked to take on a heavy commitment to help out someone in your clan. This could be anything from caring for an elderly relative to offering financial assistance.

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If you're thinking about moving, you might also let go of an unrealistic expectation you had about where you want to live. You'll accept that there are specific areas you can afford to move to.

In other news, after July 16, you'll begin a 13-month cycle that will bring a whole new meaning to "friends with benefits." Jupiter will enter your social networking sector, and you'll quickly discover that your connections will have the power to take you far. Be sure to mingle with others, and consider joining a new organization. Your affiliation with this group might lead to an exciting opportunity.

Look to July 26 for a special development in this arena. When it comes to career, there's also promising news. On July 18, Venus will enter the area of your chart that rules success and honors. Your talents will be especially visible to higher ups until August 12, and it's likely you'll receive extraordinary praise -- or even a salary boost!

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