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Libra Career Horoscope for July 2014

Keep an open mind

July commences with your attractive ruling planet Venus in Gemini. This diverse sign is excellent for curiosity, making connections and being adaptable. However, this transit can also be about distractions that may be interesting, but which keep you from operating at the highest level of productivity.

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Having an open mind about people and making contact with individuals in faraway places are potential benefits while Venus occupies the sign of the Twins until July 18. Then, Venus enters caring and protective Cancer in your 10th House of Career, making this a good time to concentrate your creative and people skills in one critical area at a time. The Sun's presence in this prominent part of your chart started on June 21, but with messenger Mercury stuck in reverse until July 1, delays and miscommunication about work may have been more frequent than usual.

Assertive Mars in otherwise peaceable Libra forms a tense square with the Capricorn Full Moon on July 12. This could bring issues of control and authority to a head. If you're itching to make a change, this lunation can put the fuel in your emotional tank to get you going. Yet if you're seeking harmonious relationships on the job, it's wise to recognize that others may be more stressed and reactive a couple of days before and after this explosive event.

You're likely to benefit from collaborations with colleagues and other group activities when the Sun joins Jupiter in bold Leo in your 11th House of Friends and Teams on July 24.

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