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Libra Love Horoscope for July 2014

Friends with benefits

If you're in a relationship, you and your partner might set your sights on exploring new horizons together near July 7. A mutual love for learning about a new culture may prompt you to spontaneously book a vacation to this place, or you might sign up for a class together that allows you to learn the language of the land before you explore.

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Your social life will truly sparkle from July 16 all the way to August 2015, thanks to lucky Jupiter moving into your 11th House of Groups and Friends, enhancing your ability to receive love from others. This placement will be an incredible bonus for your love life because those you connect with will seem to know intuitively the type of person who would be most compatible with you.

As a result, this will be your year to allow a friend to set you up on a blind date, help you with an Internet dating profile, or even join a new club or organization to meet others who share your interests. You might also benefit from getting out of your comfort zone and mingling with people you never before considered an option for your social circle. Expanding your network is your secret weapon to opening up new and exciting possibilities for your love life.

For some of you Librans, a "friends with benefits" relationship will take on a whole new meaning now. Look to events after July 26 to let you know whether or not this is worth pursuing.

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