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Sagittarius Career Horoscope for July 2014

Don't hold back

Relationships are likely to be key to your professional life this month. July begins with the Sun in caring Cancer and your 8th House of Deep Sharing. Making alliances with others can strengthen your position in your current situation, or perhaps open the door to a new business partnership. It's important that you don't yoke yourself to an insecure individual who regularly relies on you for emotional support, though. While being more sensitive to others is highly recommended now, alliances that aren't based on equality are not likely to prove fruitful.

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Dealing with sticky situations and complicated individuals should be less of a concern in the second half of July. Your enthusiastic and visionary ruling planet, Jupiter, strides into bold Leo and your farseeing 9th House of Travel on July 16, where it will continue warming your chart for the following 12 months. Travel and connections with people in distant places could prove profitable.

The expressive Sun enters Leo on July 22, and joins Jupiter there on July 24, which encourages you to think big and to take risks. These energizing events could make you restless and unrestrained in expressing your opinions. Harping on the limits of others, however, distracts you from tapping into the incredible power that's in your hands: creativity.

Your imagination may soar beyond the bounds of reason, but don't let that stop you from big dreams. Start by opening your mind without limits, and then adjust your plan to a workable one you can actually achieve.

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