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Scorpio Love Horoscope for July 2014

Kindred spirits

Someone at the office might make an unexpected pass at you near July 7. The truth is, there's a distinct possibility that his or her interest in you will spark a level of excitement that you hadn't anticipated. You might even get caught up in the moment and enjoy a bout of flirting ... or accept an invitation to meet up after work for drinks. This could be fun!

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After July 18, love planet Venus will move into your 9th House of Higher Learning and Mind Expansion. She'll remain in this part of your chart until August 12, and during this time it's possible you and your partner will feel more emotionally connected if you explore your spiritual or cultural connections together. This will add to the feeling that you're true kindred spirits.

On July 19, a conversation with your sweetheart may take an even more enchanting turn. You might become so caught up in a fairy tale dialogue that, before you know it, you're both making this dream come true! A similar energy returns on July 24, but this time it'll be less about talking and more about intuitively knowing that you're with your soul mate. What a blissful feeling that will be!

As if life couldn't get any better, by July 25 it does! Mars will move into your sign and remains in Scorpio until September 13. This will amp up your libido, stamina and the courage to go after what you want in matters of the heart. You'll be oozing sex appeal -- without even trying.

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