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Taurus Horoscope: July 2014

Letting go

You might feel a heightened awareness about the fact that you're a spiritual being having a human experience near the Full Moon on July 12. You'll take this illumination seriously, and you may decide to let go of a physical attachment or outworn ideology that has been holding you back from greater enlightenment.

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Once Jupiter moves into Leo on July 16, you'll feel more optimistic about domestic matters than you have in quite some time. A strong desire to upsize your living environment is likely, and this will be a fabulous year to move or initiate a home expansion project. Your relationship with family will become more of a priority now, and it's possible that a relative will move closer to you -- or in with you!

If you're an empty nester, it's possible that one of the kids will come back home for some reason. Or, if you live on your own, you might decide to open up your home to a roommate in order to alleviate your expenses. You will get along beautifully while Jupiter is in this area of your chart, so don't worry about sharing space with someone now.

The New Moon on July 26 will offer your first important clue about the new beginnings you're in for domestically. For you, home is where the heart is -- now more than ever before.

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