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Taurus Career Horoscope for July 2014

Don't rock the boat

Keeping cool during intense conversations can earn the trust of others now. That's because July begins with the Sun in tender Cancer and your 3rd House of Communication, where it can help you make new contacts and strengthen ongoing alliances. Listening is more important than talking, but what's most critical is to be able to adjust your message according to the person with whom you're speaking.

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Mental Mercury's return to Cancer and your 3rd House on July 13 reinforces the value of being sensitive in discussions with customers, colleagues or employers. The ambitious Capricorn Full Moon on the same day can motivate you to expand your professional horizons. This lunation in your visionary 9th House of Travel spurs interest and opportunities for travel and additional education. Aggressive Mars' tense square to this Sun-Moon opposition could lead to battles over beliefs, principles and long-range goals. However, a spirited but open-minded debate can provide you with inspiration to seek more exciting employment opportunities.

Finding inspiration may come easily when optimistic Jupiter and the energizing Sun enter expressive Leo and your 4th House of Roots on July 16 and July 22. You may be more interested in amusing yourself or starting your own creative business than submitting to others' rules and regulations. However, it's best not to rock the boat unless you have a clear plan to take your talents elsewhere. Battles begun as of July 25, when Mars enters Scorpio, could turn into protracted struggles, so don't put up a fight unless you're willing to go all the way with it.

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