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Taurus Love Horoscope for July 2014

Breaking down barriers

Your love life will receive a sexy boost, but you're not likely to feel it until later this month. Still, there is the potential for you to meet up out-of-the-blue with someone you've had intense feelings for, but could never have a relationship with. A conversation with this person near July 7 may help set you free from any regrets you've had about this person.

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Venus, your ruling planet of love, will enter your message sector on July 18 and remains there until August 12. During this time you will find it easier to talk about your feelings and security needs in a relationship. In particular, if you're married or in a committed partnership, you can expect communication to improve dramatically, allowing you to feel more stable in the relationship. You'll also find it easier to discuss the nuts and bolts of your relationship, such as who is responsible for what.

Finally, by July 25, you'll feel that sexy vibe you've been waiting all month for. Mars, the planet that rules our libido, will enter your partnership sector and will remain in this part of your chart until September 13. You'll be motivated to pursue pleasure with your mate! If there have been any blocks in this area of your connection, you will surely break through those barriers now.

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