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July 2015 Love Horoscope

An eventful month

July will certainly be an eventful month for matters of the heart. Love will be the main focus thanks to Venus turning retrograde -- a once-every-18-months event. On July 18, Venus will creep into Virgo -- a most discerning sign. She will emphasize the duty behind love and the practical nature of relationships. She will be extremely weak during this time because she's already moving at a snail's pace preparing to retrograde. Plus, she's in a sign that she's not very comfortable in. Venus in Virgo can be critical but even more self-loathing than anything else.

On July 25, she'll officially turn retrograde and spend a few days in Virgo before back pedaling into Leo for the rest of her retrograde phase (lasting until September 6). While retrograde in Leo, the lessons are clear. It's time to find the value inside of yourself. If you have been trying to buy love or present a grand façade because you believe your sweetheart wouldn't really love you without all of the makeup, fancy dinners or grand gestures, this might be a more difficult retrograde cycle for you. If you have not opened your heart for some time due to an unresolved heart break, this might be quite a healing retrograde cycle. It all depends on your willingness to do the work. The good news? Leo is the sign of romance and certainly has the courage of a lion to tackle any obstacle. Dare to open your heart.