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Aquarius Love Horoscope for July 2015

A major clue

Expect this month to give you a major clue about pivotal changes that are coming due in your love life. While it's true that early this month you may feel as if things are quite positive between you and your mate, after the middle of July, you may notice tension starting to build. In particular, on July 14, it's possible that you will feel a significant amount of pressure in the career department. Professional obligations might leave you little time to enjoy with your sweetheart, much to your frustration.

The major news, however, starts on July 25 when Venus turns retrograde. First, she'll retrograde in your 8th House of Shared Resources, but that will only last until July 31. During this time you and your partner might need to revisit an important situation connected to joint finances. If you have any debt together, whether it's from a credit card, loan or mortgage, this might be a good time to find ways to consolidate debt and lower interests rates. This won't be a good time to make new investments together.

After July 31 however, Venus will retrograde into your 7th House of Relationships and remains retrograde until September 6. It'll soon become clear that your partnership requires a little bit of TLC. Perhaps it's nothing major but the two of you are simply taking one another for granted. Going through the motions in life often makes it difficult to keep the romance alive. One or both of you however, are likely to need a change. Consider ways you can reignite the flame that brought you together. On July 31, there will also be a Full Moon in your sign. Your emotions will be palpable and you might even feel slightly hypersensitive. Don't take it out on your mate.