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Aries Horoscope: July 2015

Special recognition

Your professional world will come into focus at the Full Moon on July 1. There might be an award, honor or other special recognition in store for you if you've been working hard towards an achievement. You might be in a position where you can see the fruits of your labor now and there is likely to be a deep sense of contentment in career matters.

Then on July 15, a New Moon in your home and family sector might bring a fresh start to a domestic situation. You may begin a home related project such as a renovation, or you might decide it's time to put your house on the market or start looking for a new apartment. This will also be an ideal time to interview prospective roommates or a live-in nanny if this suits your living situation. There will be plenty of steam behind this lunation since it'll occur while Mars and Mercury (also in your home sector) will oppose Pluto. This is ambition but also potential anger. Avoid arguments with family or trying to manipulate a situation to get your way -- it won't work.

Venus turns retrograde on July 25 and on July 31 will retrograde into your 5th House of Romance, Children and Creative Self-Expression. Until September 6, you'll have an opportunity to carefully examine your self-worth connected to matters of the heart. A situation with one of your children might also be revisited during this time and ultimately, a peaceful resolution will prevail. You may also pick up a creative project that has been on the shelf for way too long. Good for you!

Finally, on the same day a Full Moon in your 11th house will have you completely aware of what needs to change in order to have a more fulfilling social life.