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Aries Love Horoscope for July 2015

A major life lesson

For most of the month you might feel as if you're preparing for a major life lesson concerning love. You are. Venus will continue to travel direct through your true love sector until July 18 and during this time you might feel on top of the world. In fact, the month begins with Venus and Jupiter embracing in this part of your chart and there might very well be a lucky break for you connected to romance. Still, there seems to be a voice nagging inside your head that says "Not so fast, there's something more to this."

It's not that whatever you're experiencing in love is too good to be true. It's just that after July 25 and until September 6, your job is to make sure that you're loving someone for the right reasons and not simply because you want to be loved in return. You might also be considering a serious commitment with someone you're dating and have deep reservations about it. This will be the time to figure things out. Are you single? The Universe has a major lesson in store for you about opening your heart.