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Cancer Horoscope: July 2015

Extra sensitive

On July 1, you might be extra sensitive in the area of relationships. A Full Moon will fall in your partnership sector on this day making you completely aware of any limitations between you and your partner. Fortunately, you'll also demonstrate incredible faith, believing that you and your mate do have the potential to get through any current hardship. Consider talking to a spiritual advisor for any guidance you might need. Alternatively, you and your partner (business or personal) might hear news early this month about a legal matter you're both involved in. Things appear more aligned in your favor. At the very least you'll feel a sense of peace about wrapping this chapter up.

On July 15, a New Moon will fall in your sign and it'll be your annual opportunity to make a personal fresh start. There are no rules or limitations with what you can set into motion during this period. The only trouble connected to this lunation is that on the same day, Mercury and Mars will be at a testy angle to Pluto. What might happen is that you'll be determined to begin a new project or personal endeavor, but your partner may appear unsupportive. Avoid angry confrontation on this day if you can. Instead, take a cooling off period and choose not to allow any situation dampen your prospective plans.

Finances come under review between July 31 and September 6 while Venus travels retrograde through your earned income sector. You might have an opportunity to develop a skill or monetize a talent that you didn't follow through with in the past. Go for it!