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Cancer Love Horoscope for July 2015

A fresh start

With Mars moving full force through your sign until August 8, your sex drive will surely feel amped up. Once Mercury enters Cancer on July 8, you'll have little trouble speaking up about what you want, whether it's sexual or anything else. Talk to your partner about your dreams on July 13, since Mercury will be at a perfect angle to Neptune.

You might feel as if you're on the cusp of an important personal fresh start at the New Moon on July 15 since it'll fall in your sign. This will be a great opportunity for you to begin a project or other personal endeavor you've always wanted to initiate. The only problem is that Mars and Mercury will both oppose Pluto on the same day. Since Pluto is in your relationship sector, it's possible that you'll encounter resistance from your mate as you attempt to do something that is all about you rather than the relationship. Your anger will be palpable if this is the case and on July 16, your fighting words will be impossible to ignore. If you are in a relationship where your partner appears bent on controlling you, this will be much more of a problem.

On July 25, Venus, the planet of love, will turn retrograde and remains retrograde in your communication sector until July 31. Conversations might be touchy between you and your partner and it is also possible that you'll have a difficult time making an important decision together. If that decision involves finances things will get more frustrating after July 31 when Venus back pedals into your earned income sector. You'll have until September 6 to figure things out.