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Leo Love Horoscope for July 2015

A time to reassess

While Venus will still move through your sign until July 18, don't be fooled into thinking that romance will be easy street. Not only will Venus make a difficult link to Saturn on July 14 but after July 18, it will begin slowing down to a crawl, preparing to turn retrograde.

On July 14, it's possible that you'll have a difficult time blending your love life with your family life. Perhaps one of your relatives doesn't get along with your sweetheart. Another possibility is that you have so many domestic obligations these days, that it's impossible to enjoy the pleasures of life with your love. Whatever the details, you're not likely to feel as if you're getting what you really need in matters of the heart.

On July 18, Venus moves into your earned income sector and on July 25, officially turns retrograde. She'll re-enter your sign on July 31 and will spend the rest of her retrograde cycle in Leo, until turning direct on September 6. This will be a key time for you in matters of the heart. Number one on your list? Self-love. If you're feeling unbeautiful, or, if you're settling for much less than you deserve in love, this will be a time to reassess the situation. A Full Moon in your relationship sector on July 31 amplifies this. Emotions will be out in the open and they'll run high. What happens next is up to you.