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Libra Horoscope: July 2015

A focus on career

If your house is on the market, it's possible that you'll receive an offer near July 1 and it'll be one you're pleased with. Another possibility, is that you'll finish up a home renovation or other domestic related project early this month. If you receive news from a family member during this time it's likely to be emotionally charged but positive. Keep your ears open.

Career becomes the focus on July 15 when a New Moon falls in your professional 10th house. You might have an amazing opportunity to begin something new connected to your career, so be sure to use this lunation to plant seeds that you can continue to develop over the next couple of weeks. On the day of this New Moon however, there will be some angry aspects between Mercury and Mars to Pluto. You might feel pulled between a family obligation and professional goals so do your best not to lose your cool during this time.

Venus, your ruler, turns retrograde on July 25 and remains retrograde until September 6. You are more sensitive to this cycle since Venus is your guardian planet. During this time take special care to re-evaluate how you spend your time socially as well as the company you keep. A few changes may be necessary.