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Pisces Horoscope: July 2015

Inspired energy

You might receive an invitation to take on a more important role in a group you're a member of. If this happens, you'll not only feel incredibly honored, but you'll be a true asset to this organization. In addition, you'll fully commit to whatever is asked of you, and will have an opportunity to inspire others as you do so.

Alternatively, a friend might need your support near July 1 and come to you for help. You'll feel incredibly sympathetic to whatever plight your friend is going through and will want to do everything you can to help his or her situation. You are a true friend indeed!

On July 15, a New Moon will fall in your 5th House of Romance, Children and Creativity. If you're single, it's possible that over the next couple of weeks you will meet someone who really sparks your interest. If you're trying to get a creative endeavor off the ground now, it'll have plenty of energy around it to succeed. In fact, you might be so pushy that no one dares refuse to help you! Another possibility is that you will consider starting a family or, if you already have kids, there will be a new development for one of them. It might be stressful initially, but positive overall.

Venus retrogrades in your relationship sector from July 25 -- 31 asking you to fix whatever is not working in a partnership. Then, from July 31 until September 6, Venus will retrograde through your 6th house. You'll re-evaluate how you're using your talents to complete tasks, ultimately, helping to make your work even more polished.