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Pisces Love Horoscope for July 2015

Keep it light

On July 1, a Full Moon in your social 11th house might prove to be quit fulfilling. You might be attending a party or other event that puts you in good company, and allows you to meet someone special. There's a certain level of urgency you may feel on July 6 connected to your social and love life and you will most certainly crave depth in all of your connections. On July 8, Mercury will enter your true love sector, joining Mars. On the same day, Mars will be at a perfect angle to Neptune in your sign. This could be a day where you and someone special decide to become more intimate. If you're already dating someone, expect to feel completely hypnotized by your lover's moves on this day!

Communication in love couldn't be brighter on July 13. Make a decision with your sweetheart on this day or, work on a creative endeavor you both enjoy. On July 15, a New Moon in your true love sector will help you out tremendously if single. New romantic prospects may arrive in the next couple of weeks. On July 15 however, you might come on a little too strong in this area. Don't intimidate someone you're attracted to -- remember to keep it light. Possessiveness or jealousy will be a major turn off.

Venus enters your relationship sector on July 18 but won't be very strong. She'll turn retrograde a few days later, on July 25 and until July 31 will continue to backtrack through this area of your chart. After July 31 and until September 6, she'll retrograde through your work sector. If you're in a committed partnership there might be a few issues for you and your mate to tackle. Roll up your sleeves and get to it!