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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for July 2015

An eye-opening time

A major difference of opinion or morals may haunt your love life this month, demanding resolution. You might have been happily going through the motions in your relationship, convinced that you and your mate share the same view on all of the important issues in life. On July 14 however, you might have your first glimpse that this isn't necessarily the case. While you might keep your anxiety about this to yourself, you won't be able to for long. You are, after all, a sign that is extremely tied to his or her opinions. Although you may respect differences and even be attracted to them in order to learn and grow, the one area you're not willing to compromise on is morals.

This sticking point might become a major issue for you by month's end and once Venus turns retrograde on July 25, you might not be able to keep this quiet any longer. On July 31, Venus will retrograde into your 9th House of Beliefs. Until September 6, it's possible that you will continue to learn that you and your love have less common ground than you previously thought. You'll need to figure out where you can be flexible and whether or not there is a situation the two of you are so far apart on, that it becomes a deal breaker. This is possible.

Another scenario is that you're willing to re-evaluate your beliefs in romantic matters. If single, this might be quite an eye opening time.