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Taurus Love Horoscope for July 2015

A major change

You might feel as if you're on the cusp of a major change in your love life. But then, just when you're excited enough, the Universe may pull back, leaving you wondering if you've just been tricked. Venus, your ruling planet, will move into your 5th House of True Love on July 18. Traditionally, this is a positive boost for your romantic prospects, however this time around it won't feel that way. Venus will be quite weak when she enters your 5th house, and might only have enough power to let you know that there is some potential.

Then on July 25, Venus turns retrograde, basically slamming the door in that potential's face. After July 31, Venus will retrograde through your 4th House of Home and Family where she'll remain until September 6. Because of this your focus will be on restoring a sense of balance and harmony to your domestic life rather than chasing any possible developing love story. That will be put on hold until after the summer. Don't be glum about it though. This is a valuable time where you are literally tying up significant loose ends connected to family situations that are preventing you from enjoying what might become the most exhilarating romantic time period you've had in years. Next month, Jupiter enters your true love sector so you can be sure that the Universe has big plans for your love life. September will be worth the wait.