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Cancer Horoscope: July 2016

Reinventing yourself

This is your month to shine! A New Moon in Cancer on July 4 means that you can expect plenty of personal fireworks. This is all about you, Cancer. What do you want to manifest over the next year of your life? What are your goals? Dreams? Ambitions? It's time to reinvent yourself and know that the universe is on board to support whatever plans you have for the next year of your life.

Finances are also a theme this month, and happily, it appears that there is plenty of good news to share. With Venus and Mercury both in your earned income sector after July 13, you can expect cash flow to increase. You might decide it's time to market one of your talents -- particularly a creative one. This may also connect to sales or communication. This will also be a fantastic time to pitch an idea to a VIP that will elevate your status and your wallet. Aim for July 19 or July 20 to have this conversation.

Partnership matters come into focus near July 19. A relationship in business or in your personal life might strengthen during this time. The key to a successful alliance now is recognizing your responsibility in carrying half of the union.

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