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Gemini Horoscope: July 2016

Make the most of yourself

Your cash flow should improve this month -- especially after July 4. Your ability to monetize your talents (especially the creative ones) will be remarkable during the first half of July. In addition, if you're considering approaching your boss for a raise, be sure to do so near July 5 -- it'll be impossible for your boss to dismiss how valuable you are to the company. In fact, you might not even need to ask for a raise; you might hear news that it's already in the works.

Communication becomes your strong suit during the second half of the month. With both Venus and Mercury touring your message sector after July 13, you'll excel at negotiations, creative writing projects, or speaking engagements. Your voice will have such charisma and even flamboyancy. It'll be the kind that's contagious, not off-putting. In matters of the heart, it'll be easy to make decisions with your sweetheart about anything that affects your relationship.

You might breathe a sigh of relief near July 19, when you can finally kiss a loan or credit card debt goodbye. You might also finalize a settlement matter during this time. Another possibility is that you'll hear news about your partner's financial situation.

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