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Libra Horoscope: July 2016

Work before pleasure

You might not have much time during the first half of the month to enjoy the lazy days of summer. No, that will have to wait until the second half of July. For now you'll want to focus on your professional opportunities, because it appears that an incredible one is on the horizon.

After July 4, you might be in the running for a major promotion or award connected to your career. You'll be in the most enviable position to pitch any project you've been working on. Your boss will be absolutely thrilled with your efforts, and even if it doesn't lead to anything now, you can be certain that you've earned significant respect points that will be redeemed toward future career successes.

You'll switch gears after July 13 and for the rest of the month will want to kick back and have fun. Friends and multiple social engagements will be the priority. Lucky for you, by this time you'll have completed most of the work you needed to and will be ready to enjoy the down time. This will be a perfect stretch for you to take a vacation.

Finally, you might hear news from a member of your clan near July 19 that brings you to tears. They could be happy tears!

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