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Sagittarius Horoscope: July 2016

Financial focus

Money matters will command your attention for most of the month. A New Moon on July 4 will light up your 8th House of Shared Resources. This is the part of your chart that highlights money that has nothing to do with your personal earnings, but rather, other people's.

An opportunity to apply for a loan or to secure venture capital will be yours, so if that is something you need to do, focus on the first half of the month to set things in motion. If you're considering a real estate transaction, this will be a great time to apply for a mortgage or home equity line of credit. Cancer rules home and family, so estate planning or inheritance potential may also be on the agenda. On July 5, you might sign an amazing real estate deal.

After July 13, you might have more energy to focus on educational or spiritual pursuits. This will be a great time to take an adult education class or workshop. Study a new language, explore philosophy or religion -- whatever it is that feeds your mental appetite!

On July 19, a Full Moon in your earned income sector brings your focus back to money. You might lose a source of income at this time or have a major expense. Just as possible, however, is you gaining newfound clarity about your talents and how to monetize them. You may also acquire a valuable possession during this time, such as an antique.

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