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Scorpio Horoscope: July 2016

Sparks will fly

An opportunity to pursue an international project with ties in the publishing, advertising, or broadcasting industry is possible this month. After July 4, you might have a conversation with someone who can help bring one of your creative ideas to the masses. Go for it!

Romantically, you'll have the most incredible day on July 6, when Venus in your sign makes a perfect link to Mars. With the cosmic lovers in sync, sparks will surely fly! This will be an ideal time to plan a trip abroad with your sweetheart if you've always wanted to travel to an exotic and romantic destination together.

Career matters take precedence after July 13. Mercury and Venus will move to the top of your chart at this time, allowing you to charm the pants off any VIP. Your ideas will sparkle as you deliver them with remarkable charm. This will also be a great time to remind your boss how valuable your talents are to the company. A long term, positive change to your earnings is possible near July 20.

Emotionally charged news from a sibling might distract you near July 19. Your brother or sister might be going through a rough patch and needs your support. Another possibility is that you'll be putting the finishing touches on a major writing project during this time. A contract or negotiation might also be completed.

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