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Taurus Horoscope: July 2016

Expressing and enhancing

Communication will be a central theme this month. Fortunately, you'll have an uncanny way of expressing an emotionally-aware perspective after July 4. You might lead with your heart as you convey ideas or during conversation, but the good news is that it won't affect your logical side at all. In fact, you'll enjoy a perfect blend of left/right brain harmony on July 5, July 6, and again on July 8 and July 10. Use it well!

Once your ruling planet, Venus, enters your home and family sector on July 12, you might feel like sprucing up your living space. Expensive taste is possible, but you'll justify it by insisting on quality above all else. Besides, there are few better places to spend your money in your opinion besides home. You might also plan to entertain more at home this month. Why not host a BBQ, family reunion, or other party at your place? Everyone will have a grand time and you'll certainly be the best host!

A legal matter might finally come to an end near July 19, much to your delight. Alternatively, it's possible that you'll be putting the finishing touches on plans to take a trip abroad. If you're in the publishing, broadcasting, or advertising industry, a vital project might be ready to launch.

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