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Aries Horoscope: July 2017

Working your way up

Your ticket to extra cash this month has everything to do with your mind. You'll have an opportunity to earn more money if you're in the sales or communications industry. This trend will last all month long and you might even break your previous sales record! Another possibility is that you're in the process of developing multiple revenue streams for yourself. Expect steady progress!

You'll want to be wary of coming on too strong at the Full Moon on July 9. It'll be all too easy to find yourself tangled up in a manipulative web of "who's the boss?" during this time. If an authority figure attempts to stronghold you, you're not likely to react well to it. If, however, you can do your best to take the high road, the ego battle should pass quickly. If someone else needs to be in charge that much, let them! Your ability to let go of the need to top this person is what signals true power.

After July 20, your priority becomes focused on romance and pleasure. If your life has been lacking in passion, you can look forward to all of that changing. In fact, if you're single, there might be someone special you'll meet after July 23. Sweet!

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