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Cancer Horoscope: July 2017

Keeping to yourself

This might be a month where you feel more reclusive than usual. It's not because you're depressed or antisocial. Rather, it appears that you simply want more down time in order to do the things that make you truly happy -- and you want to do these things alone, without fanfare. If you feel moved to cultivate one of your special talents during this time, you should -- what begins in private might ultimately become quite profitable for you. Take time this month to hone one of your skills or perfect a craft. At the very least, you'll find it soul-satisfying.

In other news, you might have a rough patch near July 9 with your partner. You might feel emotionally drained over a power struggle, or what you feel are games of manipulation that your mate is playing. Make it clear that you're not interested in taking your relationship down to this level. At the same time, you might realize that you're unhappy with the way things are going. If so, you'll need to stand your ground and insist on changes.

After July 20, you really are motivated to earn more money. Although your expenses might be higher than usual over the coming weeks, the New Moon on July 23 will set the stage for improved cash flow.

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