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Libra Horoscope: July 2017

Entering uncharted territory

If you work in the publishing, advertising, or broadcasting industry, or, if you do business internationally, this will likely be a month of career advancements and increased profit. Another possibility is that your love life will connect somehow to a person that has a background quite unique from your own. You might meet someone who is from a different part of the world or has distinct religious or spiritual beliefs. You'll be captivated. If you're already in a relationship, this will be a wonderful month for you and your sweetheart to consider an overseas vacation.

A difficult situation might come up around July 9 that has to do with family matters. One of your parents might need you, or you might be stressed out about a relative. This family member wants to do things his or her way, but you're convinced that your way is best. Unfortunately, you might not win this battle, and if you don't, you'll have to stand on the sidelines and simply watch what unfolds. Either way you'll be there for your family.

Financial prospects look bright after July 23. Although you may have a significant expense connected to taxes, insurance, or loans, at the same time you'll see more money coming in from a source besides your direct paycheck. This might be your partner's income, but it can also come from another scenario.

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