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Pisces Horoscope: July 2017

There's no place like home

The best news this month has to do with your home and family life. From July 4-31, Venus will tour the area of your chart having to do with all things domestic. As a result, you'll feel an instantaneous sense of peace and contentment in your living space. Not only will your environment become more calming, but your relationships with relatives will also improve. If you already have strong family ties they will deepen, but if you and one family member have experienced a rough patch lately, you'll be glad to know that this month will offer plenty of healing opportunity.

You might decide that an old friendship has run its course near July 9. This pal may be too demanding or controlling, or you might simply feel that the relationship has way too many conditions for you to continue dealing with. You might also let go of your role in an organization due to a power struggle with someone in the group you can't seem to fix.

After July 20, you'll pick up the pace with work. You'll notice that it's easier for you to meet deadlines and you'll also feel more motivated to use your creativity on the job. If you're looking for new freelance assignments or would like to change jobs, put out your resume after July 23 -- something may pop up faster than you anticipated.

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