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Scorpio Horoscope: July 2017

Money is flowing in

From July 4-31, you'll have remarkable support to help you profit from investments. Be sure to schedule a meeting with your financial advisor to review your portfolio and decide what can be done to strengthen it. Take necessary steps this month to do so. You might also discover that your spouse or partner hears fortunate news about his or her money. Perhaps your partner will receive a raise or inheritance. Another possibility is that you or your mate will receive a generous bonus, royalty payment, or commissions check.

One of your siblings might be going through a rough patch near July 9, and if so, you'll do what you can to help. Communication may be strained during this time in every way, so it won't be an ideal time to push ahead vigorously with negotiations or decisions. Other people may view you as uncompromising, and if you push too hard, plans may break apart.

Professionally, you'll be in a spectacular place after July 20. Mars, the planet of motivation, will move to the top of your chart, and remains here until September 5. This will be your time to launch a new business, reach for a promotion or do anything that will help you get ahead in your industry. Implement a new plan of action after July 23.

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