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Taurus Horoscope: July 2017

Boosting your cash flow

Financial news this month will be music to your ears! From July 4-31 Venus will tour your earned income sector, providing an extraordinary opportunity for you to boost your cash flow. You might be ready to implement a new service or product -- and possibly even two. July 18 might be a significant day for profit thanks to a gorgeous link between Venus and Jupiter -- go ahead and increase your rates or ask for a raise.

If you're involved in a publishing, broadcasting, or advertising endeavor, you may encounter stress with a higher-up near the Full Moon on July 9. This person may wield his or her power over you, making you feel as if you're not able to convey your message in the way you prefer. Do your best to navigate this tricky time. Remember the bigger picture: Spreading your message is more important than engaging in a mental standoff with this person. The truth is, you need him or her right now. Find a way to negotiate demands without compromising your integrity.

After July 20, your domestic life will become quite busy. In fact, there could be a bright new beginning connected to a real estate opportunity or with one of your relatives after July 23. You'll be thrilled!

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