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July 2018 Horoscope: Going Deeper

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Jupiter, the planet of faith, optimism, and expansion, will turn direct on July 10 after having been retrograde for several months. With Jupiter now in forward motion in Scorpio, the most intense and mysterious sign of all, those lessons about expanding your faith in the depths of emotional intimacy -- so you reach the heights of passion in a specific area of your life -- are now in full force. This is about romantic relationships for some of you, but for others it's about career, personal development, or creative works. Either way, until November 8, the opportunity to experience Jupiterian blessings are in direct proportion to your willingness to scour the profound emotions connected to the area of your life you're hoping to see the most growth.

In other news, it's an eclipse month, which means the overall cosmic energy will be quite chaotic. Family matters are highlighted at the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12. Emotional security buttons will be triggered for many and since this eclipse sharply opposes Pluto, you can anticipate them being magnified. A domestic situation might require change … or at least attention. Try not to act emotionally dysregulated no matter how raw you may be. Feel the feels and let them pass but don't let them strangle you.

Mercury will turn retrograde on July 26 in Leo, adding a communication haze to an already unstable eclipse month. Until August 19 you might have to address misunderstandings with children, or you may even second-guess your parenting choices about a specific situation with one of your kids. Creative projects will need revision now, so don't be frustrated if you aren't receiving applause for them just yet. As for your love life? With Mercury retrograde in Leo, it's always possible for an ex to come back into the picture. This might be for closure, but it may also be for an attempt at reconciliation.

The most pivotal time of the month might be on July 27 at the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. This eclipse is a frustrated beast in the sky due to several fascinating configurations. For starters, the ruler of this eclipse is Uranus, which will be at a harsh square to the eclipse point itself. Adding to the mix is the fact that Mars, moving retrograde since June 26, will be exactly conjunct the eclipse point, acting as a trigger. Events that happen now that don't quite manifest in the way you want them to will have a second chance around September 27 when Mars moves past this eclipse point again in a direct motion. Pay attention to these time frames and notice what is happening in your world related to emotionally draining social situations, group or humanitarian efforts, or your attempt to achieve a significant personal aspiration. The outcome you think you'll have relating to one of these matters might look very different by the end of September.

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