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Aries Love Horoscope for July 2018

Don't live in the past!

Imprints of the past are all over your love life this July. Although a Solar Eclipse in your 4th House of Roots on July 12 suggests that it's time to set out on a new path and begin building a fresh foundation in the structure of your life and security, you might need to seriously consider how your past relationship patterns in the past have blocked or deterred you from this.

Mercury will turn retrograde in your true love sector on July 26 and continues to backpedal through August 19. You can look at this as a positive or a negative -- it's really up to you. Either way, there is a clear message that if you want to move forward in your life and build the future you want with someone, it is time to carefully examine your old love stories. It's not so much about trying to revive them or revise them (although that might be an option for some). It's more about reading between the lines and truly understanding the message and lessons these experiences are meant to teach you.

If you can look back into the past from a healthy vantage point without living in it, you will emerge from this cycle feeling confident that there are brighter possibilities for you ahead in matters of the heart.

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