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Leo Love Horoscope for July 2018

Breakthroughs or break-ups?

The blocks you feel between you and your partner are getting to your head this month, Leo. Mars continues to travel retrograde in your relationship sector, essentially putting the kibosh on any forward movement between you and your mate. If there is something you need to work through together, or if there is a fight that must be had in order to clear the air, it seems impossible to have. It's like you're both frozen in this state of immobility, even though you both know that you have to find a way to climb out of it.

The dynamic between you might become downright apathetic by the end of the month if you're not careful. Mercury will turn retrograde on July 26 in your sign, making it seem like you can't say anything right to your mate. Mars retrograde already has you feeling like you can't do anything right. What can you do about this situation?

Sometimes, the only thing you can do is let go. A Lunar Eclipse on July 27 will fall in your partnership sector. This eclipse strongly suggests an ending -- or at least a breakthrough. There will be illumination about how little control you really do have. There might also be acceptance. Some relationships will end at this time and if yours is meant to, there is no point fighting it. You already know in your heart that it's over. If you and your lover are simply being tested, then you will decide to hang on. But don't expect resolution yet -- it's going to take more time.

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