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Libra Love Horoscope for July 2018

Strange love

You have found yourself in a bizarre place when it comes to love, Libra. Mars, the planet of assertive drive and libido, just turned retrograde in your romance sector back on June 26 and will remain out of whack until August 27. As July begins, it's as if you're being forced to get used to this lull in your love life. Mars is in Aquarius, which suggests that you have the drive to pursue something innovative -- even experimental -- when it comes to your romantic world or sexual energy. But now that Mars is retrograde, you can't get the satisfaction you want no matter how hard you try. This might also be about a wild attraction you have to someone who is absolutely not your usual type, a person who you might even describe as odd. You are drawn to this person for some reason, but he or she might be keeping you at arm's length. Alternately, it's possible that the situation between the two of you is so unusual and complicated that it makes it difficult to get anything off the ground.

This scenario might require you to keep your feelings to yourself for most of the month. Or, it might be that you are in a lose-lose situation of unrequited love or of being caught up in an emotional affair with someone you can't share a physical relationship with. Whatever the details, a testy Lunar Eclipse on July 27 will bring things to culmination. This peculiar love situation simply cannot endure.

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