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Taurus Love Horoscope for July 2018

See the potential

You have amazing prospects for love this month -- but do you see it? You might be so busy fault-finding or making excuses about why you don't have love in your life that you inadvertently block it. But it's there. It's really there, Taurus.

Venus, the planet of love, will move into your romance sector on July 9 and remains here through August 6. If you're single, this is one of your most auspicious cycles to help support you meeting a new love interest. This person might be connected to your work in some way or be someone you meet while you're pursuing a health interest like indoor cycling or yoga class. However you meet, it will be important that you don't spend so much time searching for this person's foibles that you miss out on all of their amazing qualities. There is potential, Taurus. You just need to see it!

If you're already in a relationship, there is forward movement for you and your mate in July. Jupiter turns direct in your partnership sector on July 10, allowing you and your sweetheart to continue doing the shadow work in your relationship that is fostering a deeper connection between the two of you. By shining a light into each other's darkness, you're opening yourselves up to the most intimate love possible.

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