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Virgo Love Horoscope for July 2018

Beautifully confused

It's okay to not know everything, Virgo. Really, it is. You might need to settle into dusty uncertainty when it comes to your love life situation this month. There might be more questions than answers in July. If you can make peace with the fact that you won't have all the clarity you need according to your timeline, it'll be a whole lot easier to navigate your relationship dilemma.

The confusion won't truly set in until the end of the month. Mercury will turn retrograde in your hidden 12th house on July 26 and will continue to backtrack here until August 19. This might feel like a blessing and a curse all at once. For starters, you'll find yourself much quieter and either unwilling or unable to talk to your lover in a direct manner. You might be purposely avoiding an important conversation, but you can just as easily feel like you need a mental time out in order to gather your thoughts. If there is an important decision on the horizon this month connected to your love life, try not to make it. Instead, just meditate on where you're at and reconsider whether or not this is serving you in matters of the heart.

If you allow yourself to view this uncertainty as a gift, it will be a valuable time of insight. Self-reflection and the ability to rewire your mental outlook on romance will only put you in a stronger position to love stronger and healthier in the future. With Venus in your sign from July 9-August 6, you might be confused about matters of the heart, but you'll also see the beauty in this … and the beauty in you.

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