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June 12 Daily Video Horoscope

Planet Pulse daily horoscope: Thursday, June 12, 2014 Staff

Get today's Planet Pulse! Watch Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer's daily horoscope for June 11, 2014.

The higher the hopes the harder the fall as Venus opposes Saturn today.

Planet Pulse daily horoscope: June 11, 2014

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In the words of Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer...

The higher the hopes the harder the fall today. I'm Jeff Jawer.

And I'm Rick Levine for Planet Pulse on this Thursday, June 12. We have high hopes today because we have the Moon in Sagittarius and there's an idea behind whatever we do that has to do with some vision, some idea of something in the future or something far away and that’s the setup today for what becomes an interesting day.

Yeah and what's interesting usually from an astrological perspective are the extremes of contrast or a collection of similarities that give us one clear picture, one direction. Today it's about contrast because that moon in rising Sagittarius feeds us with visions and hopes, far away ideas and places and yet shortly after midnight tomorrow, which means it rolling in all day today, Venus the planet of pleasure and love is running into an opposition with a hard cold wall of reality we call Saturn.

Ahhhh Saturn, or Satan...


Saturn and Satan are the same ways because Satan, it's like, you get what you deserve. And of course most of us from some traditions don't deserve a whole lot. Without that judgment however Saturn is more like karma, it is you get what you deserve. But Venus wants pleasure, wants sweetness and Saturn says not so fast. It doesn't mean you can't have it, it means that you have to work for it.

Exactly, and Venus is in Taurus, and Taurus just wants to be validated just as it is. I'm worth it, I don't have to do anything for it. The moon in Sagittarius is the desire maybe to gamble, but isn’t interested in working either. And yet Saturn is accountability, Saturn is in Scorpio which is also accountable and cost conscious. Working out the details of the costs of our dreams is part of the process.

Well yeah, as what you were saying, whatever it was you were saying. No, as you were saying that I began thinking that that's really with case with Venus opposed Saturn but the set up earlier in the day is Mercury, the communicator planet, and the Sun is in Gemini, that’s Mercury's sign, that today Mercury makes a hard aspect a half a square to Venus and it's almost like we're talking about what we want. There's that sense of not being able to get what we want so we're communicating. We're asking. Venus and Mercury have noise between them that by the time later in the day when Venus gets to that opposition to Saturn, then we run into the reality of whether or not we are going to get what we ask for.

Yeah and just as with you a moment ago, I think it's easy to ask but it's hard to listen. Because the communication planet Mercury reruns two ways and you know if you aren't a type.

Wait what you are saying...

Well that's not the case here in the Planet Pulse Coliseum but for many of you out there in the ordinary world, in your muggle world, Venus Mercury semi square can also be about talking around things instead of being clear or being heard in terms of our needs and desires and Saturn says be clear.

If that is the course of action we take during the day, look later in the day by the time Venus is getting closer to the opposition in Saturn, Saturn says stop tap dancing this is what you need face. I'm Rick Levine.

And for Planet Pulse I'm Jeff Jawer.