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Friday the 13th Full Moon Has Everyone Talking

Expert say 3-minutes before Full Moon, love turns sour
Tarot.com Staff

All of social media is a buzz over what tonight's Friday the 13th Full Moon will bring. Scandal? Sex? Drama? Horror?

Not so much.

In fact expert Astrologer Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer suggest we ignore the hype of full moon horror stories and prepare for the fact that the drama and passion level is going to be at an all-time low.

Rick Levine says “The Primary thing about today is early this morning, moments after midnight (3 minutes before the full moon) Venus planet of love, runs into Saturn task master and this defines day.” This precise shift will quickly change the tempo of the day toward one of “work” and very little “play”.

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Rick and Jeff explain that while the mainstream media may be focused on the “hyper caffeinated Friday the 13th full moon” what we really should pay attention too is the impact of today’s other astrological events.

Bottom line, any chance of spicy full moon fever or lusty horror movie thrills are not likely. Love, romance or even sex will most likely be squashed by much heavier world and life events.