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June 2013 Horoscope

Breezin' Right Along

June starts with a quartet of planets in Gemini, the sign of the Twins, which is almost like having eight planets in Gemini. The expressive Sun in this flexible Air sign until June 21 tends to pull us in several directions at a time. Being scattered and losing a sense of priorities is a potential negative here, but the ability to change attitudes in an instant is its gift.

Energetic Mars entered Gemini on May 31, which reinforces both the dispersal of energy and adaptability of the Sun in this sign. Following up on commitments can be a challenge with the warrior planet here. It's easy to get bored before a project is completed, which needs to be countered by a little more self-discipline.

Brainy Mercury, Gemini's chatty ruling planet, has already left Gemini and is swimming through watery Cancer for the next two months. This rapidly moving body's stay in the sign of emotions, security and family is prolonged due to its retrograde period from June 26 until July 20. This backward turn of the communication planet tends to slow the flow of information for a couple of weeks before and after this cycle. Take more time to contemplate -- quick answers to meaningful questions should be avoided during this time.

Relationships grow warmer and tenderer when loving Venus enters cuddly Cancer on June 2. The need for safety expands with this transit, yet Venus' stressful aspects with transformational Pluto and Uranus on June 11-12 can shake the foundation of any alliance. Their purpose, however, is to break us free of old clingy habits and romantic patterns that have outworn their usefulness.

The Gemini New Moon on June 8 initiates a fresh four-week lunation cycle that is rich with ideas, but which can also produce an overload of information if we don't pace ourselves. More ideas flit through our minds than we can possibly use, so careful editing is required to separate useful data from intellectual clutter.

The Sun's transit into Cancer on June 21 is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. On June 23, the disciplined Capricorn Full Moon faces off against the sensitive Cancer Sun. Yet the contrast between our tough and tender sides is not insurmountable as responsible Saturn forms favorable aspects to both. This is a very productive Full Moon that helps to reset priorities and clarify commitments.

The transition of planets from airy and objective Gemini to watery and emotional Cancer is completed on June 25, when giant Jupiter makes the move. This begins a year-long period when the wisdom and opportunities represented by this planet come more through instincts than intellect.

This trend is reinforced when Mercury turns retrograde the following day on June 26. While errors of fact, breakdowns in communication and technical and travel snafus are associated with Mercury Retrograde, it's also an opportunity to review recent experiences from a different perspective. This is a time when thoughts are permeated by feelings, which may be confusing to rationalists, but which will make deeper sense for those who trust the truth of their emotions.

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