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June 2013 Career Horoscope

Big Ideas

Relating to people on a human level is great business this month. June begins with the Sun in chatty Gemini, but feelings still count more than words. Gemini's verbal ruling planet Mercury is in sensitive Cancer, slowing down most of the month before turning retrograde on June 26. It pays to listen, and to pay attention to people as if they were more than cogs in a machine.

Sociable Venus enters Cancer on June 2, putting a premium on the ability to put others at ease. Loyalty deepens the roots of professional relationships in this emotionally fertile environment. Being in touch with your feelings makes it easier to tune into the productive and imaginative Saturn-Neptune trine on June 11. This harmonious alignment of realistic Saturn and inspirational Neptune can make dreams come true and will, happily, hang around through July. It's a magical meeting of spirit and matter that gives form to faith and faith to form.

Think big, especially on June 19 when the Sun joins gigantic Jupiter in Gemini, a fountainhead of ideas and information. The next day is the solstice when the Sun enters watery Cancer to give more force to our feelings. On June 25 Jupiter begins a 12-month stay in Cancer to enrich intuition and expand the market for home-related products.

Feelings continue to swell when Mercury turns retrograde on June 26. Miscommunication may become more common during this 3-week reversal period, but we also get more chances to reconnect with the past and to correct recent mistakes.

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