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Cancer Horoscope: June 2013

Home Sweet Home

This extraordinary month affirms your inward focus, allows you to balance your dreams with reality, and begins a long-term cycle of opportunity. Emotional security is always important for you, so it's good news that steadfast Saturn's trine to spiritual Neptune spreads a magical safety net under you all month.

Reflective Mercury -- now in nurturing Cancer -- completes a Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune on June 3, enabling you to talk about your highest hopes in a concrete manner. These romantic fantasies come gently down to earth as affectionate Venus enters Cancer on June 2 and reactivates the grand trine on June 7.

On June 21, the Sun's entry into Cancer marks the Summer Solstice, enriching the present moment with childhood memories. The Sun's subsequent trines with Saturn and Neptune on June 26 renew the persistent power of the Grand Water Trine that's motivating you to follow your dreams.

Bountiful Jupiter's shift into your sign on June 25 indicates a year of substantial growth. Nevertheless, you also have your share of stress this month. Pressure from relationships and work tempts you to withdraw from the discomfort and hide out at home when Mercury harshly aspects relentless Pluto and reactive Uranus on June 7-8.

The dualistic Gemini New Moon on June 8 opens your mind to alternative perspectives, yet its occurrence in your 12th House of Escapism also reinforces your tendency to retreat. Receiving help from a friend or partner is likely on June 23, when the Capricorn Full Moon lights up your 7th House of Companions. Pay attention to every detail, because unfinished business creates complications when introspective Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer on June 26 for three weeks of mental backtracking.

Keep in Mind this Month

This is no time to get lazy, even if everything seems to be under control. Don't miss this rare opportunity to set the stage for what's ahead.

Key Dates for Cancer


June 7-8: Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Seductive Venus in tender Cancer relaxes into an emotionally grounded Grand Water Trine on June 7, inviting you to be vulnerable enough to share your feelings in supportive situations. Conversations may grow intense as verbose Mercury opposes passionate Pluto, yet you are securely anchored to safety with immutable Saturn's involvement in the grand trine. However, acting on your feelings can increase confusion with bold Mars squaring bewildering Neptune. The interactive Gemini New Moon on June 8 helps to lighten the mood, but things may not turn out exactly as you expect with Mercury tensely squaring unpredictable Uranus. Thankfully, you are able to stay calm and centered as long as you are honest about what you want.

June 19-23: Law of Prosperity

June 19 is a lucky day when the Sun meets up with propitious Jupiter on in your 12th House of Destiny. One phase of spiritual growth is culminating, with the next cycle starting when the Sun shifts into your sign on June 21. Act with confidence during the ambitious Capricorn Moon on June 23, but remember that you're not invincible.

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