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Capricorn Horoscope: June 2013

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Significant changes continue to rock your world, yet this month offers you a chance to integrate your feelings with your rapidly evolving perspective. Existing conflicts between domestic responsibilities and your drive to succeed are exacerbated by harsh aspects to power-hungry Pluto and rebellious Uranus from the Sun on June 1, Mercury on June 7-8, Venus on June 11-12 and Mars on June 15-17.

However, a stabilizing Saturn-Neptune trine on June 11 empowers you to counterbalance the uncertainties by visualizing your ideal future, regardless of the demanding circumstances you currently face. This long-lasting aspect is the second in a series that began on October 10, 2012, and recurs on July 19, indicating that the seeds of dreams that you sowed last fall may be ripe for harvesting.

On June 3, rational Mercury forms a magical Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune, steadying your emotions so you can make plans to transition from the world you're leaving behind to the one that awaits you in the future. On June 7, delicious Venus completes the grand trine, sweetening the picture with friends who support your goals. Personal and business partnerships grow more important throughout the month, after Venus shifts into nurturing Cancer and your 7th House of Others on June 2.

The Sun follows suit on June 21, marking the Summer Solstice and shining additional light onto your relationships. Global Jupiter joins the 7th House party on June 25, heralding its yearlong visit to emotional Cancer and inviting you to balance worldly ambitions with meaningful one-on-one interactions. Fortunately, the Sun's trines to Saturn and Neptune on June 26 bring your perspective back to a personal level.

Keep in Mind this Month

Don't rely on facts and logic alone as you make your decisions; add magic to your life by also factoring in your dreams and emotions.

Key Dates for Capricorn


June 8-11: Running Against the Wind

The interactive Gemini New Moon on June 8 buzzes in your 6th House of Employment, prompting you to juggle your work schedule so you can increase your efficiency. Remember, however, that this lunation's uncomfortable aspect to critical Saturn -- along with a frustrating Mars-Saturn quincunx -- can delay your progress with complications that require time and effort to manage. Fortunately, on June 11 a fluid trine from solid Saturn in your 11th House of Goals to idealistic Neptune in your 3rd House of Communication gives structure to your vague dreams and empowers you to talk about them in an inspiring manner. Nevertheless, you may be too quick to speak when loquacious Mercury squares irrepressible Uranus on June 8. Innocent Venus opposes passionate Pluto on the 11th, revealing a more compulsive need to express yourself, so be vigilant about being too opinionated, intense, or stubborn.

June 25-26: No More Drama

Mixed messages can be confusing on June 26, as troublesome Mercury begins its three-week retrograde phase in your 7th House of Relationships. The potential for stress or irritation temporarily counteracts your optimism from jolly Jupiter's move into this interactive house on June 25. Thankfully, the Sun forms a happy Grand Water Trine with loyal Saturn and compassionate Neptune on June 26, enabling you to balance your personal interests within the context of your most important partnerships.

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