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Capricorn Career Horoscope: June 2013

Scattered but Flattered

Keeping up with your own work while developing and maintaining successful professional relationships is your challenge this month. The Sun is in jittery Gemini and your 6th House of Adjustments until June 20. This could leave you feeling scattered or stressed by having many different tasks to do. It may be hard to stick to a plan or find a regular routine. Even active Mars is in Gemini where versatility and flexibility are as important as commitment and follow through.

At the same time, mental Mercury is in your 7th House of Partners where it will be joined by alluring Venus on June 2. These transits occur in sensitive Cancer where handling people in a caring matter is essential. Turn up the charm -- as long as it's sincere -- and listen to others' needs even if you're with them to make your own pitch.

Verbal Mercury's favorable alignment with your reliable ruling planet Saturn makes for clear communication on June 3. Venus forms the same positive aspect on June 7, enabling you to accurately assess the value of people and things. Earning others' trust should be easier then. Think big this month as your capacity to link dreams and reality grows with a solid connection between practical Saturn and imaginative Neptune on the 11th.

You should get more support from others late in the month when the Sun enters your 7th house on June 20 and lucky Jupiter moves into this public part of your chart for a yearlong stay starting on June 25.

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