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Capricorn Love Horoscope: June 2013

Ever Changing

There's some good news on the relationship front this month as magnetic Venus enters your 7th House of Partners on June 2. This is a positive force for attracting others and finding more pleasure in a current partnership. While it's critical to be kind, compassionate and attentive to others, don't forget about your feelings. Showing your vulnerability to someone without self-pity, blame or complaint is an excellent way to earn their affection.

Venus' favorable trine with compassionate Neptune on June 7 has touches of imagination and caring that make it easy to forgive and to be forgiven. This transit is also a reminder that a secret to romance is learning to receive as well as to give. Letting go of material ambitions, rules and rigid expectations is another way to ride this healing wave of amour.

Venus, though, does run into some rougher territory when she opposes Pluto on June 11. This alignment can deepen desires, which is useful for recognizing what you might have to give up for what you truly need. But there are also issues of control and jealousy that challenge your ideas about partnership.

The following day Venus crashes into a square with electrifying Uranus that can shock and surprise with unusual attractions and sudden changes of emotions and events. Being open to learning about love in new and different ways not only reduces the likelihood of rupture but inspires feelings of excitement and freedom.

On June 20 the Sun enters Cancer and your 7th House to bring caring, consciousness and confidence to relationships. Tenderly taking the initiative with others is appropriate then.

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